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Amoeba Carl ©Monica Ila

Monica Ila’s favourite thing is monsters. She is an emerging multidisciplinary artist whose focus is on painting, sculpture and puppetry. She dreams up new worlds and beings to live within them, making her characters three-dimensional and often life sized. She enjoys working with acrylics, vibrant colours and crisp lines. Her sculptures are made from repurposed materials, a multitude of fun fur and are only limited by the height of her studio ceiling. Playfulness is the most important theme within her work.


Monica is studying Sculpture at the Alberta University of the Arts. Her artwork has been exhibited at the Eastern Edge Gallery, artsPlace Canmore, Pumphouse Theatre, Vertigo Theatre, Beakerhead, Calgary Public Library, Calgary International Airport, Art Point Gallery, containR Gallery and through various local auctions and charity events. Monica believes that art is instrumental in bringing communities closer together and in rediscovering whimsy within our daily lives.

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