I am an emerging visual artist based in Calgary, Alberta who has a growing passion for art installation and puppetry. Often when I am creating, I am dreaming up new worlds and beings to live within them. My work involves making large scale characters and painting them within scenes of their own habitats. I enjoy working with acrylics, vibrant colours and crisp lines. My paintings reflect a sense of playfulness, a common theme that carries through all other aspects of my practice.

When making creatures from my imagination the scale is only limited by the size of my ceilings and the increasingly shrinking storage in my studio. They are part of a spontaneous process that, aside from ensuring their stability, is largely improvised. I use repurposed or recycled goods whenever possible and more often than not, colourful fur is involved.

My artwork has been exhibited at artsPlace Canmore, Pumphouse Theatre, Vertigo Theatre, Beakerhead, the Calgary Public Library, Art Point Gallery, containR Gallery and through various local auctions and charity events. I am also part of the 2017-2018 City of Calgary Artist Roster.

I believe that art is instrumental in bringing communities closer together and in rediscovering the whimsy outside of the routine.

© Monica Ila.

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